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Can I be your friend tonight? My name is Amy and I work for Victoria escorts. I know that there are lots of gents like you sitting on your own tonight. You all wish that you had a nice companion to keep you company, but there you are on your own. It is not an easy situation to deal with and the girls here at the escort’s agency from can totally understand your plight. If you like, I could come around to keep you company.

Don’t for one moment think that you are the only gent who is affected by loneliness tonight. From my personal experience I know that there are lots of gents who are sitting on their own here in Victoria this evening. You may be nursing a beer and watching your favourite porn movie, but it is not the same thing as spending time with a hot girl like me. I would be more than happy to look after you and make sure that you feel loved.

Tell me what you normally do on a Saturday night? If the answer is that you sit on your own at home, I want to reassure you that we can change that. I am not the only girl here at Victoria escorts. There are some really exciting young ladies here at the agency, and if I am not your cup of tea, I know that a couple of my colleagues would like to pop around and look after you. I am sure that you could all have some fun together.

The question is what you would like to do on a Saturday night? If you would just like to spend time in the privacy of your own home, I would just keep you company. We could talk about the things that you are interested in, and you can tell me about all of the things that you like to do. But, if you would like to do some more exciting, my friends and I from Victoria escorts would be more than happy to take you out on the town. I know of many exciting places that we could go to.

Are you a guy who like to share? I love men who like to share of themselves and their experiences. If that is you, I am more than happy for us to spend some together. As a matter of fact, I am pretty sure that you would find me a very delightful companion. A date with a girl from Victoria escorts can really light up your entire your life. You may not think so at the moment, but once you have met us, you will love it. Take a look at the website and give me a call. Honestly, I am not going to go anywhere at all. If I don’t answer on the first ring, just leave a message and I will call your right back. Would that be okay for you? I am sure that you will think that the end result will be worth it.

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