Where do Lewisham escorts go at the weekend?

A couple of weeks ago, I had a business colleague who decided he would stay in London for the weekend. I really could have done with a date with my favorite girl from Lewisham escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/lewisham-escorts, but she was not available. As I had never asked for a weekend date with her before I was a little bit surprised to find out that she did not work weekends. Neither did many of the experienced girls a Lewis ham escorts so I soon gave up on the idea. I just had to entertain the client on my own.


The following week I had to go away on business and did not return to until Thursday. I called Lewisham escorts so if Lucy was available for a drink. She certainly was and a couple of hours later I found myself sitting opposite her in a bar in Lewisham. As I had come into the bar, I noticed that she was just tucking away a card belong to a popular UK supermarket.


Sitting down, I told her that I had never thought about her or any of the girls at Lewisham escorts as avid points collectors. She gave me her sexy smile and told me that she liked her points, but that was not what the card was all about. It turned out that she spent Saturday working for the supermarket. Lucy called it her cover job and it was something that she could stick on a future CV. From what I could gather, a lot of escorts in London had another job which made them look legit as Lucy said. It made me smile and I thought about her in the supermarket.


That Saturday, I thought that I would check out if Lucy was on duty. It was rather a large branch of the supermarket and it took me some time to find her. I had to smile to myself when I saw her on the fish counter. She was happily telling customers about the Catch of the Day and I thought that she looked great in her little hat. It did not take her very long to notice me, and she told me that she would be finishing her shift in a minute.


That late afternoon in London something magical happened. My sexy companion from Lewisham escorts, told me she was tired and could do with some dinner. So, I ended up taking this sexy blonde who smelt slightly of fish out for something to eat. Ever since that day, Lucy and I have not met at Lewisham escorts. Instead I go up to that fish counter, and ask for the catch of the day. Then I patiently wait until my catch of the century gets off duty, and I take her out for dinner. From what I understand, Lucy is thinking about extending her hours in the stores, and swapping her heels for rubber boots instead. I rather have a thing about rubber boots… I think I could handle for a very long time.

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